100 Best Movie Soundtrack - 100 bài hát nhạc nền trong phim hay nhất



100 Best Movie Soundtrack - 100 bài hát nhạc nền trong phim hay nhất


01. Music Factory - I See You (From _Avatar_)
02. Music Factory - Per qualche dollaro in piu (From _For a Few Dollars More_)
03. Music Factory - Il mercenario (From _The Mercenary_)
04. Music Factory - Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (From _The Good, The Bad & The Ugly_)
05. Music Factory - Per un pugno di dollari (From _A Fistful of Dollars_)
06. Music Factory - The Man With the Harmonica (From _Once Upon a Time in the West_)
07. Music Factory - Il mio nome e nessuno (From _My Name is Nobody_)
08. Dineka - When You Believe (From _The Prince of Egypt_)
09. Music Factory - Against All Odds Theme (From _Against All Odds_)
10. Hanny Williams - The Power of Love (From _Back to the Future_)
11. Hanny Williams - Everything I Do (From _Robin Hood_)
12. Hanny Williams - Arthur's Theme (From _Arthur's_)
13. Rainbow Cartoon - A Whole New World (From _Aladdin_)
14. Music Factory - My Heart Will Go On (From ''Titanic_)
15. Hanny Williams - Castaway Theme (From ''Castaway'')
16. Ronnie Jones - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (From _Armageddon_)
17. Music Factory - Take My Breath Away (From _Top Gun_)
18. Hanny Williams - Up Where We Belong (From _Officer and Gentleman_)
19. Music Factory - I Will Always Love You (From _Bodyguard_)
20. Hanny Williams - There You'll Be (From _Pearl Harbour_)
21. Disco Fever - What a Feeling (From _Flashdance_)
22. Music Factory - Hopelessly Devoted to You (From _Grease_)
23. Hanny Williams - More Than a Woman (From _Saturday Night Fever_)
24. Music Factory - A Star Is Born Theme (From _A Star Is Born_)
25. Hanny Williams - Love Story Theme (From _Love Story_)
26. Hanny Williams - I'm Easy (From _Nashville_)
27. Hanny Williams - Knocking On Heaven's Door (From ''Pat Garret & Billy the Kid'')
28. Hanny Williams - Unchained Melody (From _Ghost_)
29. Hanny Williams - Now We Are Free (From _The Gladiator_)
30. Hanny Williams - Gonna Fly Now (From _Rocky_)
31. Hanny Williams - E. T. Theme (From _E. T. _)
32. Hanny Williams - Close Encounters of the Third Kind Theme (From _Close Encounters of the Third Kind_)
33. Hanny Williams - The Empire Strikes Back Theme (From _The Empire Strikes Back_)
34. Hanny Williams - Flash (From _Flash Gordon_)
35. Hanny Williams - Escape from New York Theme (From _Escape from New York_)
36. Disco Fever - Maniac (From _Flashdance_)
37. Hanny Williams - Mission Impossible Theme (From _Mission Impossible_)
38. Hanny Williams - Braveheart Theme (From _Braveheart_)
39. Hanny Williams - Streets of Philadelphia Theme (From _Streets of Philadelphia_)
40. Audrey Hepburn - Moon River (From _Breakfast At Tiffany's_)
41. Disco Fever - Chase (From _Midnight Express_)
42. Music Factory - May It Be (From _The Lord of Ring_)
43. Music Factory - Blade Runner Theme (From _Blade Runner_)
44. Fly Project - Paradise Theme (From _Paradise_)
45. Hanny Williams - Skyfall Theme (From _Skyfall_)
46. Music Factory - Axel F. (From _Beverly Hills Cop_)
47. Music Factory - I Will Always Love You (From ''The Bodyguard'')
48. Music Factory - All At Once (From ''The Boyguard'')
49. Music Factory - Waiting to Exhale Theme (From _Waiting to Exhale_)
50. Music Factory - Greatest Love of All (From _The Bodyguard_)
51. Music Factory - Run to You (From ''The Bodyguard'')
52. Music Factory - Welcome to Burlesque (From _Burlesque_)
53. Music Factory - Can You Feel the Love Tonight (From _Lion King_)
54. Disco Fever - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (From _Closer_)
55. Music Factory - Can't Fight the Moonlight (From _Coyote Ugly_)
56. Music Factory - A Star Is Born (From _Evergreen_)
57. Music Factory - We Don't Need Another Hero (From _Mad Max_)
58. Music Factory - Circle of Life (From _Lion King_)
59. Music Factory - Giu la testa (From _A Fistful of Dynamite_)
60. Music Factory - Two Mules for Sister Sarah (From _Two Mules for Sister Sarah_)
61. Music Factory - I magnifici sette (From _The Magnificent Seven_)
62. Music Factory - Una pistola per ringo (From _A Gun for Ringo_)
63. Music Factory - If God Will Send His Angels (From _City of Angels_)
64. Music Factory - Love Is in the Air (From _Strictly Ballroom_)
65. Music Factory - Let the Sunshine In (From _Hair_)
66. Music Factory - I've Had the Time of My Life (From _Dirty Dancing_)
67. Music Factory - Tubular Bells (From _The Exorcist')
68. Music Factory - Chariots of Fire Theme (From _Chariots of Fire_)
69. Music Factory - Terminator Theme (From _Terminator_)
70. Music Factory - X-Files Theme (From _X-Files_)
71. Music Factory - Maria (From _West Side Story_)
72. Music Factory - Indipendence Day Theme (From _Indipendence Day_)
73. Music Factory - When You Say Nothing At All (From _Notting Hill_)
74. Music Factory - Goldfinger Theme (From _Goldfinger_)
75. Music Factory - Can Somebody Tell Me Who I Am (From _Dinosaur_)
76. Music Factory - Reality (From _La Boum_)
77. Music Factory - Mamma Mia (From ''Mamma Mia'')
78. Ritchie Valens - La Bamba (From ''La Bamba'')
79. Roland - Danza Kuduro (From ''The Fast and The Furious'')
80. Charles Trenet - Boum! (From _Skyfall_)
81. Nino Rota - E arrivato Zampano (From _La strada_)
82. Nino Rota - Le notti di Cabiria (From _Le notti di Cabiria_)
83. Music Factory - Emmanuelle Theme (From _Emmanuelle_)
84. Music Factory - Bilitis Theme (From _Bilits_)
85. Music Factory - Stayin' Alive (From _Stayin' Alive_ Musical)
86. Music Factory - Singin' in the Rain (From _Singin' in the Rain_)
87. Music Factory - Faust (From _Phantom of the Opera_ Musical)
88. Ronnie Jones - Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (From _The Blues Brothers_)
89. Music Factory - Ghostbusters Theme (From _Ghostbusters_)
90. Dimitri Tiomkin - Dial _M_ For Murder (From _Il delitto perfetto_)
91. David Buttolph - Maverick Theme (From _Maverick_)
92. Music Factory - I Believe I Can Fly (From _Space Jam_)
93. Music Factory - Reflection (From _Mulan_)
94. Music Factory - The Power of Love (From _Back to the Future_)
95. Music Factory - Two Become One (From _Spice the Movie_)
96. Music Factory - I Say a Little Prayer (From _My Best Friend's Wedding_)
97. Music Factory - Glory Box (From _Io ballo da sola_)
98. Music Factory - Beauty and the Beast (From _Beauty and the Beast_)
99. Grace Kelly - True Love (From _High Society_)
100. Music Factory - Eye of the Tiger (From _Rocky 4_)


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