Gogii Game Pack Share10s 2012 - Trọn bộ Gogii Game


Bộ đội Cụ Hồ

Cập nhật đến hết ngày 22 tháng 6 năm 2012. Tất cả các Games đã được Cr@ck sẵn. Bạn có thể chọn từng game để cài đặt và cũng có thể cài đặt tất cả chúng bằng cách click vào file "_Install all the games silently_Share10s.cmd". Giờ thì down về và chơi thui! :vn:

List Games:
Adventure Chronicles (The Search for Lost Treasure)
Book of Legends
Empress of the Deep (The Darkest Secret)
Empress of the Deep 2 (Song of the Blue Whale)
Empress of the Deep 2 (Song of the Blue Whale)(Collector's Edition)
Epiphany O'Day Adventures (Secrets of the Dragon Wheel)
Escape from Paradise
Escape the Lost Kingdom (Collector's Edition)
Escape the Museum
Escape the Museum 2
Frat House (The Perfect Score)
HappyVille (Quest for Utopia)
Haunted Past (Realm of Ghosts)
Haunted Past (Realm of Ghosts)(Collector's Edition)
Infected (The Twin Vaccine)(Collector's Edition)
Nightmare on the Pacific
Nightmare on the Pacific (Collector's Edition)
Princess Isabella (A Witch's Curse)(Special Edition)
Princess Isabella 2 (Return of the Curse)
Princess Isabella 2 (Return of the Curse)(Collector's Edition)
Robin's Quest (A Legend Born)
Shannon Tweed's Attack of the Groupies
The Chronicles of Scarlett Frost (Theatre of the Absurd)(Collector's Edition)
The Clumsys 2 (Butterfly Effect)
The Hidden Object Show
The Hidden Object Show 3 (Millionaire Manor)
The Mirror Mysteries
Trapped (The Abduction)
Twisted (A Haunted Carol)
VaultCracker (The Last Safe)
Voodoo Whisperer (Curse of a Legend)
Voodoo Whisperer (Curse of a Legend)(Collector's Edition)
White Haven Mysteries
White Haven Mysteries (Collector's Edition)



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