Windows 8 for Dummies Ebook sử dụng Windows 8 cho những gã gốc


Microsoft’s Windows 8 is a completely new operating system that dumps some traditional Windows elements in the favor of new ones, capable of providing a redefined computing experience.

That’s why it’s sometimes considered confusing, although it’s in essence a reinvented Windows 7. But those looking to get professional help on specific Windows 8 features finally have a simple way to get more information quickly.

The “Windows 8 for Dummies” e-book is now available as a free download in the form a 138-page PDF, so keep in mind that a PDF reader is required to read the available content.

The e-book is offered by Dell in partnership with Microsoft and teaches you how to do the most essential things on a Windows 8 device, be it a desktop PC or a laptop.


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